core services

trigon has been engaged in projects throughout the world, and has staff widely published in the foremost scientific journals and with years of corporate experience in public companies


    Diamond and Metals Exploration

  • Project Management
  • Diamond drilling overseeing
  • Soil Sampling from glaciated and non-glaciated terrain
  • Alluvial Sampling
  • Core Logging and interpretation
  • Heavy Mineral Separation - in house and contracted for bulk samples


  • EPMA, ICPMS, dilution ICPMS and SIMS
  • Identification and interpretation of conventional and non-conventional KIMs
  • Petrology of kimberlite and related rocks


  • Basic interpretation of Magnetic, Resistivity and Gravity data


  • Identification of HPHT and irradiation enhanced gem diamonds
  • Assessment of origin of coloured diamonds
  • Identification of synthetic and chimeratic gem diamond

trigon is active in research and development of geochemical exploration methodologies and understands the importance of ties between research and development and the commercial operation
we are also able to tackle a range of hard rock projects, including gold interests

network services

    Diamond Exploration / Development

  • Drilling / Coring on land and ice
  • Mine appraisal / resource evaluation


  • Airborne and ground-based geophysical surveying including GEOTEM
  • Full range of geophysical interpretation / modelling